love poured in

for some reason, this phrase stuck in my mind while I was scrolling through these photos today. love poured in... like a large jug that fills an empty glass. these sweet newborns are just clean slates - a tabula rasa - into which their adoring parents fill and pour love, nurturing, selflessness. these children haven't experienced grief or pain or sorrow.. just unfailing love from the ones that gave them life and meet their every need. i see it in every family i meet and it makes me love my job even more.
Here's a few examples =)
Gabriel.. little brother of sweet Christian that I've photographed often over the last year.
they let me come into their home, and I had such a great time capturing some shots of this sweet one with his family. We worked with him and were patient, and it payed off handsomely.
there's many more to see of sweet Gabriel, but I thought I'd focus on the ones pouring in the love..

And then there's miss lilly kate.
her mom wins the medal this week (or year!) for effort given..  she drove from Sugarland by herself with a 2 week old, getting the 16, 4 and 2 yr olds to school by herself since hubby was away for dove hunting?! we thought sleeping baby pics would be oh so nice, but lilly kate had other plans =)
after all the excitement getting here, she was wide eyed and bushy tailed!

finally, some time to relax..

And I'll end with some cuties that I wish I could have met when they were 2 weeks! Maegan and Lauren came from Conroe and are 9 months. We didn't get tons of smiles, but still got some sweet shots that I hope mom loves.
just worn out!
thanks, Brenda, for bringing them out. I look forward to seeing them toddle around in the future. That should be fun!

Happy Labor Day everyone!


happy first birthday

this is taylor -
she'll be one next week, so her mom brought her out for some princess shots, as well as messy cake face and hands.. we had fun and hardly had a bad one in the bunch.

here's some of my favorites:


as smiley as she was in her dress, she barely cracked one when attacking that cake. this girl loved that sugar rush! 

we finally got a sugar-giddy face =)
in case you were wondering.. because sometimes people ask (as did I!), the cake was from Elite Treats and the birthday shirt from Mommy to Bee and Me, both in Kingwood.

Happy Birthday, Miss Taylor! Hope you have a fabulous day -


shh.. it's a secret

here's the beautiful bordes ladies.. dad was out of town, so they got me to take some pictures to decorate his office, as a surprise. I think he'll be pleased!
although these girls aren't yet seniors, it reminds me how fun they are to do! I LOVE babies, but it's nice, as you can imagine, to have a break from singing wheels on the bus and talk about boys for a change =) thanks, ladies, for a fun afternoon! Hope dad loves them!


and here's mr. evan - 11 months and cute as ever. finally have found a mom that loves dressing her boy as much as I do. she had no less than 5 changes, and probably more in the bag! But he did great.. and we got some special shots of him at this fun age. Thanks for coming out and y'all have a great vacation in CA!



many more to post, but I'll have to save some for another night - have a great weekend.