babies galore

soon, there will be photos galore of families. but right now, it's all about babies.
this is caroline and her new little brother barrett. we had a hard time getting a great one of the 2 of them, and that's pretty typical at this age. but a good idea is to group them with the stunning singles and you have a sweet collage. their mom is super busy wtih law school, so thanks for coming out on an off day and letting me capture your sweet kiddos!

when I first started, I took lots of photos of friends. then it branched out to "friends of friends", and then there's stories like Jake's. his dad was having a beer with some guys and one of the dads had just had their photos done with me. (is that normal beer conversation? ! ha ha) mom was looking for a photographer at this time and perked up when he mentioned it and looked me up. Do any of you have any fun chubbyfoot stories to share?? (and please, don't tell any about accidentally looking up chubbyfeet.. i'm so sorry for corupting the minds of those that mistype my url!) Anyway, here's their sweet jake.


then there's ava and alex. when I mentioned friends of friends, this describes ava and alex's mom and dad. they must have a zillion friends and i've taken the whole gang's photos - sunday school class included =) thanks, y'all for being some of my best advertisments. your beautiful family  makes me look good!

thanks for looking =)


morgan and her daddy

a few shots from a sweet family - the cotes -  this week. there are many great ones of the family, and with her beautiful mom, but these were really special I thought.. just to see all the emotions and depth of feeling that was captured just with her hanging on to daddy's leg. and the last shot is why i'm shutter happy. if i'd have stopped at the 2nd photo, or the 5th or the 7th I'd have never gotten it.. and it's probably my favorite.
(and I have several other newbies up tonight on recent shoots, but I'll wait and devote a blog to them in the coming days.. )
happy weekend!






technical difficulties..

ugghh.. I've been on the phone for hours today trying to resolve a chubbyfoot website/email problem. Apparantly you all can see my site, but I can't.. so that makes posting recent shoots, checking email a lot more difficult if not impossible. SO.. i'll have to improvise until I get things worked out! This blog is independent of all that, so I'm free to vent!

Here's a precious family from yesterday. The kids are 3 and 4 and were so charming and bright. I knew we'd have a great time when right off the bat, their son told me his birthday and it's the exact day and year of my son! how fun is that? so i knew just what to talk about.. dinosaurs and space were top of our list -
I'd give you a link if I could (part of the website problem), but I did post them under recent shoots yesterday (Strobel) before all the trouble began.. so you'll have to go to the site to see the rest. It will be worth it =)

the strobels