i really don't do weddings

although i get many requests. engagements and bridals i can do, but weddings are always on weekends and i'm just not ready for that commitment.. yet. Once in a blue moon i will cave and it's always as a favor to a friend. the mom had to twist my arm, but i knew i would love it and i did. what girl doesn't love everything wedding related?! and it was held at one of my favorite spots, so that was extra fun for me.

so, here's a few images to share, but don't be getting used to seeing these anytime soon! 



good luck you two =)


someone once said

"I don't think I qualify for you to take my photograph because I'm not pretty enough. Seems like there's only beautiful people's pictures on your website!" 

So, whatever.. of course not everyone I photograph has a modeling contract.. but I do see beauty in every client that I've met. Part of it is that I get to spend an hour of my life connecting with them.. finding out what makes them smile or relate to their own family. It's a neat opportunity and I'm glad that someone thinks everyone I meet is as pretty as I do =)

And of course, some beautiful people for you to enjoy..
here's the wallingfords. they really should have a dozen blue eyed, brunette children for the beautification of Houston =)


and a new little handsome guy.. just 2 weeks old. pierce still has 2 weeks until his "due date", so he graced us with his beauty a month early.


and here is miss rylee, 4 months and grinning from ear to ear. how can you not smile after seeing her?


more to share later..
mackenzie =)


i've been busy

here's a glimpse at the fun I've had this week..
she's just a little spoiled by grandma =) (harrell)


this is kaitlyn . this is the 3rd time I've taken her photos and it's been such fun to watch her grow.
she is a busy 18 month old, but a pleasure to capture, when I can!

baby andrew was 10 days old and was such a good sport.. but being a model is such hard work.

and here are the sheldons. I met them last year when the "baby" was a few weeks old.

almost a year later.. he brought a birthday cake for us to celebrate!

good night for now =)