it's wednesday

and I finally have miss madison all done... during the shoot she took a powernap because modeling is such hard work for a little girl - after some sad, sad eyes, she just tuckered out. of course i was giddy because i love capturing sleeping babies.. she woke up and we got to see those beautiful blue eyes as well. thanks, rachel for sharing her with me. see more of this angelImg_0573

And one more story.. this is melissa and jamie

i had the pleasure of taking melissa's family's photos 2 years ago and fell in love with her and her family. she told me back then that she was going to call me when the big day came, so i got to take their engagements. they are such a great couple.. her sis came too and we just kidded around and had fun the whole time.

I'm looking forward to the next call.. because that will mean a little chubbyfoot is on the way =)

Be blessed you guys..may you laugh often!


price clarification

I'm sorry for not making myself clear on my rates. Here's the scoop.
$200 Any weekday in Kingwood area for 4 people or less (+ $10 per add'l person, + $50 or more for travel)
$250 any weekend (few specified Saturdays) or Sundays (so if I set up the Houston or Woodlands Saturday, it's $250)
$100/hour travel fee outside of Kingwood area, which can be split by a group. Just not on Saturdays (I only plan to work 1 Saturday a month and I've already set those up) But if a group from Pearland wants me to come on a weekday or Sunday and they get 6 families together, I'll be willing to come and they can split the $200 travel fee.

I hope that helps some. The basic idea is that I'd rather not travel much, in order to spend more time with my own children. But I have a large greater Houston base that I'd like to accomodate if I can.

Here's some cute kids from recent shoots that all have beautiful eyes. If I ever do a coffee table book, I should certainly have a chapter on the eyes =) ...check out their photos on recent shoots at
7 weeks and already posing for the camera

does she know she's this cute?

and you have to love this little man, druel and all

one last post.. here's madison. all sweet and serene:

and then with those blue eyes wide open. It's fun to get both shots in one session. Rachel, I'll have these up soon for you! We got some good ones afterall =)


i'm diving in

Just trying out this blogging thing.. I meet so many neat people and would love to elaborate, but just didn't have a forum in the past. Thought this would be the perfect opportunity. Also, I get lots of emails from friends of friends or clients who are interested in taking better photos of their own kids, or starting a business, so I'll be addressing that as well when I can.

But, less of that and more of the fun stuff! Here's a new spot I'd love to frequent more often. Took my own kids there this weekend to try it out. I'm thinking of opening a Sat or Sunday here in the fall for Christmas photos. Img_0249_1 Img_0275 See more of this shoot here: Rice Univ Location

thanks for looking and let me know that you're out there. My business manager (aka tight husband.. ha ha) has given me a month and said I can keep the blog as long as there's 15 comments by the end of the time. Are there 15 of you out there that keep up with chubbyfoot??

And lastly, here's a draft schedule for the fall season. I'm opening up a couple of Saturday sessions, along with various locations around Houston for all my Houston cleints. I hope it helps some of you travelers. thanks and hope to hear from you!

most weekdays
Saturday, September 16th in Kingwood
Sundays Sept 10, 17th, and 24th available (8 or 9am, then 12 - 5pm)

most weekdays
Saturday, October 14th in the Woodlands - location tba
Sundays Oct 1st, 15th available

most weekdays (excluding Thurs/Fri of Thanksgiving)
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Nov 17-19th in Houston - locations tba

most weekdays
Sundays, Dec 3rd and 10th (Kingwood and Houston)

** Check back for possible future openings and/or location changes. Group bookings in the greater Houston area available.

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