CoVan {houston family photography}

from mama CoVan...

"The story of our family: I recently saw a quote that summed up our family's multi-tasking busy lifestyle, "A little bit stressed and a whole lot blessed!" unknown

I want our friends and family to be able to see the individual and very different personalities of our two girls in our photos.  ( Mackenzie, you are a master at this!)

My favorite picture of our recent shoot is the close up of the girls together.  You managed to capture a true smile from both of the girls and their eyes look amazing.

I recommend Chubbyfoot to everyone that compliments me on the girls pictures.  Mackenzie, you have a gift for capturing the emotions of your clients. The kids always look like they are having a fun!"

Thank you, CoVan gals for being such beautiful subjects and sharing a bit of your story with us :)




Balli {Houston family photography}

Why do I get the impression someone from this family is going to be president one day? Always lookin' sharp and ever so polite and charming :) Balli 2050?


vondra {houston family photography}

they had me at their kitty cat shoes :)