how about what not to wear!? =) 

I'm kind of over white shirts. I mean, wear them if you must, but by now, you've probably been there and done that. And why wear sleeveless silk if you hate your arms or why not wear a bright red necklace if it's your absolute favorite, and has been for the last 2 years??

My best advice is to wear what looks great on you, is comfortable and makes you feel good about yourself. If you never wear a button down shirt, then why start now? If you'd never be gone a day without your cowboy boots and wranglers, then saddle up and let's get this rodeo started! If you love vintage, then let's do a Mad Men theme and come in your pill box hat and white gloves. Whatever screams YOU!

If you're having trouble deciding, take a look at categories: families and see what cute things people have come up with (or what didn't work).  I also have a shopping category for some of my places for kids clothing if you're interested. 

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