seeking fur-ever homes {Houston pet photography}

Volunteered a few weeks ago at VAP in Kingwood and realized that I could lend my photography skills to help!
Had fun photographing these sweet souls...


Yzuierdo {Heights family photography}

Remember this crew? They were back for a few months from their overseas expat post and I was able to see them 3 times when they were here for maternity, newborn and then a grandparent shoot. So fun to share in this special time with them.


Maui Wowie {Grand finale 7/7}

If you've read the first 6 installments then yay you! Thanks for hanging in there :)
For the last post, I'd like to share 3 new experiences that the kids LOVED.. 2 of which we actually did on our last day in Maui (since our plane didn't take off until 10pm).

D and I had done a helicopter ride in Kauaii years ago and while it was pretty expensive, I knew the kids would love it and I really wanted them to experience it. Turns out we were right. It was magical and so fun to see their faces light up with our amazing views.
at the airport getting ready...
One of my favorite pics of all times of this boy. Anyone with teens knows that genuine smiles can be hard to come by. He was in HEAVEN and couldn't contain himself.

Next up: Surfing! The kids and Dad took lessons and did great.. they all got the hang of it and I hope they'll do it again on future trips.

SNUBA: we went on a snorkeling trip to the Moloniki Crater and SNUBA was an option I knew my crew would love.. and i was right. C came out of the water and said it had "changed her life!" :) If money and time were no option, I think they'd love to all get scuba certified but that will have to come later in life... too many other vacations we'd like to take, activities taking our time, etc.. But it sure hooked them and I'm glad they got a taste of what it would be like.

Wow! So that concludes our Maui adventures! I enjoyed reliving them for sure.  What I love about Hawaii is you can totally tailor it to your vacation needs. You could choose a posh resort or quirky apartment. You can park at a beach and SUP all day or hit several adventures within a few miles. You can spend a LOT of money (quite easily) on over-the-top adventures and experiences or take a more budget, low-key approach. We did a little of everything and it was always fabulous all the time. We'd go back in a heartbeat and after traveling back from SE Asia last week, the flight seems relatively short now! :) One thing Maui is known for is it's whale season in the winter, so the kids and I would love to visit again one Jan/Feb. Wish us luck on that.. haha..

Happy travels to you and yours! thanks for looking.