asprec {houston family photography}

gorgeous morning to meet this sweet party of 3 in Houston.. Little man definiltey has charm to spare!


meredith senior '16 

Washington DC will be getting a little dose of sunshine come the fall!
Good luck Meredith! The world is your oyster and there's plenty of decorating to be done! :)


willy wonka {CYT Houston}

Wonka bars and oompa loompas and fizzy lifting drinks.. oh my!
How fun for my kids to be in the CYT Montgomery East production of Willy Wonka in April 2016.
introducing Mr Salt and Miss Phineous Trout below :)

I have to admit not being a huge Wonka fan growing up. The movie kind of creaped me out a little and I wasn't familiar with Dahl's book. But of course, it was a fabulous musical that I'm so happy they got to be a part of. As always, CYT hit it out of the park in terms of costumes, sets, props and talent... and for an added treat, they were able to have the performances at the newly rennovated Charles Bender Performing Arts venue in Old Humble! So it really was so fun to have such a fabulous theater to house an equally fabulous run of 9 shows.
Here's some of my faves from the show, with a heavy focus on a certain Salt and Trout :)
Enjoy the show!