Maui Wowie {the yummy center 3/7}

today's adventure took us to the center of Maui: Iao Valley, the Surfing Goat Dairy (I mean with a name like that, wouldn't you be curious too?), Ali'i Kula lavendar farm and finally a little hiking into an extinct volcano at Haleakala.
First up: Iao. My son could have stayed there all day as he LOVES hiking thru streams and rocks.. but we had other agenda items for the day and had to move on..
Goat cheese, and surfing baby goats? Sign us up! We had a couple of sampler plates and even some goat cheese chocolate to sweeten the afternoon :)
Next up: the Ali'i Kula Lavendar Farm. Ahh.. yes, it smelled as lovely as it looked!
the grand finale: a hike down to the crater of Haleakala. It was incredible.. and windy! But we were somewhat prepared and enjoyed our afternoon hike in jeans and jackets (not a usual occurence for a Houstonian) :)

that was fun! Thanks for reliving a fun day with me and I hope you consider these stops on your tour of Maui.



Maui Wowie {hippie Paia 4/7}

We spent the last 1/3 of our trip based in Paia, which is the last big stop if you're headed to Hana. It's a fun little hippie town with lots of color and charm. Oh, and our apartment that we stayed in was next door to Mama's Fish house, which is a MUST if you're on the island. We loved it so much, we went twice. The food is incredible, and the grounds and sunset are divine.


Our friends had to say goodbye, sadly, but I'm glad they had one night in Hana and at Mama's with us. We took some Christmas card pics of each other (bonus!) and soaked up the sunset on our last night together.

Speaking of Christmas cards, I can't remember if I shared mine.. I used the company Artifact Uprising (which I love) and used an "instagram inspired" look, even though the pics were taken with my "good camera" :)  I love how it turned out..

Thanks for looking and check back for more on Maui.. Hana is up next! :)


Maui Wowie {over the top 2/7}

Adventure #2 to share with you in Maui:
Today we took a driving trip up north past Kapalua, "over the top" of Maui. Some guide books tell you that it's dangerous and you shouldn't do it so we made sure that we picked one that said we could :)
This book, Maui Revealed, was SO helpful in our trip. We used it every day and it was especially helpful detailing the road to Hana, which I'll share later. Honestly, if you have to make a choice, I'd say choose HANA over this trip. But it was a nice day exploring and we saw some neat things and held our breath a little on some hairpin turns...

Below, you can see the hood of our jeep and how it takes up the entire road. I'm bummed I didn't get a pic of when we were in a faceoff with an oncoming truck!
thanks for looking -

Next stop: Central Maui!