ricker {Doha family photography}

a good lookin' group of "Doha pros" right here :) 
While their immediate moving plans are uncertain (a common issue in expat life.. insert 'hand on forehead' emoji), what IS certain is their handsome oldest graduating this year and planning to play soccer back in the US in the fall. Exciting times and I'm so happy I was around to document this moment in their lives. 



sandstorm {Doha photographer}

Well this was new for us.. having a school dance canceled because of a sandstorm!?
Loaded a few of my favorite gals up and took some photos anyway. ;)


nerida {doha family photography}

hello and goodbye.. that's the expat way! Met these cuties just days before they expatriated back to Oz. Darn. But glad we found a morning to meet up and now they have some quintessenially Doha photos to remember their time here :)